14/ 23

aquasource film storyboard
for biotherm

Biotherm's lead product : Aquasource, is in need of a fresh new way of communicating. With this brand, we are used to a luxurious look & feel and inspiring and pure women. In this video, the goal is to tell Aquasource's story, in a a way that's never been told before.

Using the type of images they are used to (sea & water videos, pretty girls with perfect skin), I developped a poetic and graphical story around the creation of Aquasource. Taking it's source from mysterious ingredients at the bottom of the ocean, the miracle cream Aquasource is then discovered by our adventurous muse, who pulls it out in the water. The space occupied by the graphical composition then exploded to take up the whole screen, so as so express the intensity and efficiency of the cream on that model's face. Key words then come in to play as only wispers associated with classical music is the only sound describing the scenes. NB : All the images of the storyboard are videos.