20/ 20


Piaget is a prestigious reference in French horlogery and jewellery. But this is not a good enough value to seduce young buyers. The need is now to modernise the brand and pull them out of the 80's where they haven't come back from.

I oriented the art direction for this photoshoot. Playing with the deep blue that belongs to the brand, we created a mondain party atmosphere. The idea was to disacralize luxury imagery by introducing flairs and blurs suggesting spontaneity. The viewer should feel that he is there at the party with them.
The main characters are wearing Piaget and are visibly the center of attention. But Piaget doesn't make you entertaining, the jewellery/watch completes and enhances what you already are. We are saying that Piaget is for people that already have great personality, great experiences to share or just mysterious from the start.
I then organised the images in magasine compositions associated with the packshot and baseline.