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Putting a face to a voice

MoneySuperMarket design system

As conversational AI continues to gain prominence, there arises a pressing need to craft distinctive Brand Voices. This presents an invaluable opportunity for brands to authentically convey their essence, ensuring alignment with their values, beliefs, and personality across all touchpoints. But it's not just about what they sound like, or how they talk, it's also about putting a face to this voice. Balancing both functional and emotional/human interactions, the aim is that the user no longer feels she/he is talking to a bot but to the human behind the Brand. 

Collaborating closely with a multidisciplinary team comprising UX/UI designers, Voice experts, AI copywriters, Creative Technologists, and strategists, we facilitate brands in defining the role of conversational AI within their experiences, when it is needed. Leveraging this insight, we refine and evolve their brand identity, enabling them to resonate more deeply with their audience.

A lot of the projects I've worked on that include conversational AI are either ongoing or confidential but stay tuned for updates in the next few months!

MoneySuperMarket had a strong brand positioning centered around "Money Calm" in response to the growing anxiety around money management for a lot of customers. Our role was to translate this brand purpose into what it means for their digital experiences.

We created a design system to drive product innovation at scale. Working in collaboration with the MSM design teams, we created a visual, verbal and experience system that’s enabled them to embed the brand consistently across the customer journey and deliver 'Money Calm' experiences at speed and scale. 



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