What they say about me

What they say about me

Don't take my word for it. Have a look at what my former colleagues say about me.

Source: Adele Heguy-Leyris Linkedin recommendations


Matt Fenn

Matt Fenn

Chief Design Officer at House 337 - managed Adele directly

I had the pleasure of working with Adele for three and a half years at Engine Creative (later known as House 337). Adele held the position of Design Director and led multiple accounts, setting design direction, facing clients, mentoring designers, and helping shape our processes.

Adele was a pillar of the department and hugely responsible for increasing our level of craft and growing accounts. Adele brought expert knowledge and was an inspiration to the team and the wider agency. Adele’s leadership skills are first-class, evidenced by her hands-on management style and production of world-class work and thinking.

I cannot recommend Adele highly enough. She is one of the best Design Directors I have ever worked with and I hope our paths cross again.

May  2024

Marina Suprunova

Marina Suprunova

Marina Suprunova

Senior Designer at house 337 - reported directly to Adele

I was lucky to have Adele as my manager and mentor during our 3.5 year stint at House337.
Adele has an exceptional understanding of design trends and an enviably versatile skillset that truly sets her apart from others. She is an effective team leader with a vision, encouraging skill-sharing, Radical Candor and synergy.

Adele would be a brilliant asset to any organisation seeking real innovation and excellence.

May 2024

Steve Mitchel

Steve Mitchell

Front End Architect - worked with Adele on the same team

Adèle is a sharp, talented designer and creative lead who consistently displays a deep knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of modern UI design. She combines an experimental, intuitive approach to idea creation with execution processes clearly focused on user research and client objectives. She knows her stuff, and impressed me immediately.

She seems to be capable of taking on any task that's thrown at her, from creating high-fidelity prototypes to mentoring and training more junior creatives, from directing developers in their decision-making and presenting to client representatives, with style, grace and skill.

She's a powerhouse, and a great asset to any team she joins. I'm looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

June 2018

Emmanuelle Roncin

Emmanuelle Roncin

Lead Designer at Publicis Sapient - reported directly to Adele

I had the opportunity to work with Adèle on the global redesign and merging of the e-commerce site of a major french retailer. This project, managed in agile method, was organized into a dozen teams. Adèle was the lead UI. She brilliantly implemented the design system with the lead front-end, which she adapted to the problems of each team and in collaboration with the 8 UI designers she managed. She had a key role since she interacted with all trades: UIs obviously, POs, UXs, Devs but also the client directly.
In addition to being always in a good mood and very positive attitude, Adele knows how to find solutions when there are blockers and defend them to the client. She is a very good team manager in addition to being very competent in AD/UI.

June 2018

Adrien Aggery

Adrien Aggery

Cloud infrastructure architect - worked with Adele in the same team

I worked closely with Adèle on the complete rework of a major french e-commerce website.
One of the things I most enjoyed was her ability to quickly adapt and find solutions to any tech restrictions we could have. She really aligned frontends and creatives on the same track.
Along with that, she was able to understand client needs, perform accurate user research and defend what she thinks is the best option for a given problem to the client.
Added to her permanent good mood and positive attitude, she's a person you'll love to working with.

I'm really looking forward to collaborating again with her on a future project.

June 2018

Manu Lalleve

Emmanuel Lalleve

Executive Creative Director at Publicis - Managed Adele directly

Adèle Leyris is one of the most talented and modern Art Directors I have met. She clearly has this little magic that gives each project balance and graphic freshness. Digital Art Director yes, but she is also very agile in more traditional “so-called” advertising. You can also trust her with your eyes closed on any print or film project. I only say that because behind Digital AD one might be tempted to believe its skills are limited to graphic design, UX and UI. Adèle also has a rich, hard-working, positive personality who defends her point of view.
Her experience in 360 advertising allowed her to be in her place during the merger of Marcel with Publicis Net which created the Marcel Worldwide agency that we know today. You can also take her in front of a client as often as you want because she perfectly embodies the projects she is on.

April 2015

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